Lakeland Travel Cup and Straw Cleaning Set

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Lakeland Travel Cup and Straw Cleaning Set

We all want to do our bit for the environment, but if you’ve switched to using a reusable travel cup, flask or bottle, you’ll know how fiddly it is to clean it properly and hygienically between uses. Enter the Lakeland Travel Cup and Straw Cleaning Set. This handy kit contains two specially designed cleaning brushes, one for your cup or bottle and a small one for reusable straws.

The large brush has a narrow head and a long body, allowing easy access to those hard-to-reach areas through narrow-necked bottles and canisters, while the comfortable soft-grip handle allows better grip of the brush for easier scrubbing. The premium white nylon bristles help to remove stubborn tea and coffee stains, while the tougher blue bristles at the end give extra scrubbing power where you need it.

The small brush is long and thin and features a twisted wire head with stiffer nylon bristles, perfect for giving the inside of reusable straws a thorough scrub for a hygienic clean.

Great for cleaning all different shapes and sizes of travel cups, flasks and drinks bottles, these sturdy and easy-to-use brushes are built to last and just need a good rinse after use

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