Ropeless Jump Rope

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Great for your indoor workout!
Get your toning-and-cardio jump rope workout, indoors or anywhere with GoFit’s Ropeless Jump Rope. Its short, PVC ropes spin with ball bearing precision, while the lightly-weighted foam balls create centrifugal force for arm-toning resistance. No length adjustments or tangles, just a great jump rope workout anywhere. Train. Recover. repeat. GoFit!

  • Arm-toning resistance
  • NO tangled ropes or adjustments
  • Deluxe, soft-gripping rubber handles for comfortable control
  • Foam ball with inner weights
  • Handle interior: two steel swivels with ball-bearing spin-action
  • Inner swivel stabilizes centrifugal force
  • Durable, urethane handle body
  • Solid 8-inch PVC Rope

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